One by 1

Miguel C. Tavares’ video One by 1 was realized as part of the performative project by Nuno Pimenta and Ana Renata Polónia and the theater company mala voadora.

“One person per square meter is considered to be the density limit to ensure individual comfort and safety in public space. A higher density already represents a risk and a grouping is seen as a crowd. ONE by 1 intends to question this metric and create an exploration tool for standardized and politicized individual space, its limitations and awareness of the space of the other.” This is the first performative experience of this process starting from 6 performers and the geometrization of a 72m2 blackbox.

  • 2015
  • Nuno Pimenta, Ana Renata Polónia
  • Phonambient
  • Murcof - Cosmos II
  • André Godinho
  • Ana Renata Polónia, Joana Lopes, Joana Quelhas Lima, João Dias, Marta Ramos, Nuno Mota