a-clip.de researches, presents and archives international short films on the topics of architecture, planning, (urban) space, culture and society. a-clip.de is a project of the non-profit association urbanfilmlab e.V.

The aim of a-clip.de is to communicate topics of building culture to a broad public and to stimulate a discussion about them. The medium of film provides a direct access to the content shown for both experts as well as architecture enthusiasts. In addition to its educational work, a-clip.de has also made it its task to provide a platform for filmmakers in the field of short architectural films for the promotion of their work.

The main task of a-clip.de is to provide, entertain and maintain the online platform and archive by the members of the editorial team. The constantly growing archive currently comprises more than 1.000 films, which can be accessed individually. In addition to its online activities, a-clip.de seeks direct exchange with its users and the discussion in the urban space. For this reason, a-clip.de regularly organises a screening series “a-clip goes local”. Through discussions after the screenings, the audience has the opportunity to learn more about the filmmakers and their motivation.

For many years, a-clip.de has been making an ever-growing library and is steadily gaining in importance in the communication of building culture topics. Currently and in the long term, the sustainable survival of the archive – as a library with a high level quality – is of particular importance. In addition, a-clip.de sees its role in the active support of filmmakers in the field of architectural short film.