Arno Brandlhuber – Architect, Apartment & Antivilla

“This is an architect who mostly works by two mantras: use cost-effective building methods and implement a reasonable energy economy. Why? Not because he’s a born energy saver – as a teenager, he always preferred to leave the lights on. It’s simply because it makes sense, he says. It’s just that the man who established one of the most important creative centers in Berlin – a polycarbonate building at Berlin’s Brunnenstrasse 9 – likes brightly lit living spaces a little too much.”

Freunde von Freunden visit Arno Brandlhuber in his apartment in Berlin and his Antivilla, a former lingerie factory building in Krampnitz near Potsdam. Read the full interview here:

Architect Arno Brandlhuber’s Antivilla: A former lingerie factory turned lakeside retreat

  • German with English subtitles
  • 09/2015
  • Ailine Liefeld
  • Anna Schunck
  • Freunde von Freunden