Der Mäusebunker / The Mouse Bunker

The central animal testing laboratories nicknamed “Mäusebunker” (1971-80, today: Forschungseinrichtung für Experimentelle Medizin, FEM) is not only perhaps the most significant representative of Brutalism in Berlin, but also the most striking building in the work of architects Gerd and Magdalena Hänska.
In recent years, the Mäusebunker has advanced from insider tip to hype among architecture historians and fans alike, becoming perhaps the most photographed darling of Berlin concrete architecture.
Current ideas for its conversion and further use are manifold as the flexible floor plans offer great design freedom to accommodate other functions.
Currently 5/26-23 – 9/18-23, an exhibition is running at the Berlinische Galerie titled “Suddenly Wonderful” featuring the film “Modellverfahren Mäusebunker” ( and the conversion possibilities that have been developed.