Interactive Surfaces

The team of the first workshop for the design of the FIANDRE ARCHITECTURE BUREAU set the spatial structure of the exhibition space.

The workshop no2 focused on Interactive Surfaces. Its team consisting of Chris Middleton (Kinzo), Ritz Ritzer (bogevischs buero), Jan Theissen (AMUNT – Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen), Petra Vondenhoff-Anderhalten (Anderhalten Architekten) had to work with the given space and imagined different scenarios for it, testing various materials for the surface structure. The external input came from Christiane Sauer (Formade/Lüling Sauer Architekten), the lecture was held by Lilli Hollein (Vienna Design Week).

  • German
  • 02/2016
  • Till Kind, Kika Yang, Fred Plassmann
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