Passagen 2014

The exhibition FOLD consists of a pavilion whose building envelope is made of 3000 disk records and a folded furniture landscape which appears crystalline. The landscape is constructed of octahedrons which can be simply stuck together.

The experimental project for the pavilion Vinyl concentrated mainly on the combination of a digital and an analog design- and form finding process. The structure, consisting of disk records and milled AluCoBond beams, was developed with a parametric 3D model and numerous analog form tests. The disks provide as a shingle-type building envelope not only a protection against weather conditions and a translucent facade but serve in addition as a supporting element for the building structure.

The plug-in system of the furniture landscape gives numerous different possibilities of usage, such as seating, display or piece of furniture.
In the interdisciplinary cooperation between superarchitecture, the Dingfabrik e.V. and Julian Krüger (CIAD – Cologne Institute for Architectural Design der FH Köln) the two installations were developed with the students of the seminar Fold’n’spaces and were produced in the laboratory for experimental construction at the Institute of Architecture in Cologne.

  • 02/2014