Frei Otto. Thinking by Modeling

The third video of the current exhibition on Frei Otto at ZKM Karlsruhe presents three of his most famous projects: the Olympic Park in Munich, the Multihalle in Mannheim and his concept for Stuttgart 21.

Frei Otto (1925-2015) was one of the internationally most renowned and innovative German architects of the 20th century and a central figure for the building culture in Baden-Wuerttemberg. In March 2015 he received the Pritzker Price – the worldwide highest distinction for architecture.

  • German
  • Christina Zartmann, Martina Rotzal
  • Moritz Büchner, Peter Müller, Martina Rotzal, Christina Zartmann
  • Anton Kossjanenko
  • Florentine Krafft
  • Ghost: Empty rooms, Slow Motion -, Apple Loops
  • Südwestdeutsches Archiv für Architektur und Ingenieurbau
  • ZKM Karlsruhe