The Hedonist

This documentary by Miguel C. Tavares and Rui Manuel Vieira is about the construction process of The Hedonist, a selected project to be one of Hotel Shabby Shabby rooms for Theather der Welt in Mannheim – the most influential theater festival in Germany. Hotel Shabby Shabby was curated by Raumlaborberlin in partnership with the festival and consisted of the design and construction of 20 hotel rooms located in unexpected public spaces of Mannheim that should provide a unique experience to their guests. These rooms should be built only with recycled, reused or recyclable materials and should not exceed the budget of 250€.

  • English, Portuguese
  • 2014
  • Rui Manuel Vieira
  • Miguel C. Tavares
  • Nuno Pimenta, Frederico Martins