The Green Corridor of Minhocão

The region of Minhocão in São Paulo’s city center has more than 100 windowless façades that could hold 58.000 square meters of green area. With this target in mind, m.90º has been tirelessly working since 2013 to implement Minhocão’s Green Corridor, aiming to improve air quality, reducing noise pollution and transforming the lives of the people in the area. Formed by a sequence of vertical parks, the Green Corridor of Minhocão is m.90º ‘s pilot project and is the first of its kind in the world!

What began in 2013 as a vision, a manifesto towards greener cities, has been taking shape across the years and in September 2016 was finally presented to the city with the launch of the Green Corridor of Minhocão. With this video we share filmmaker Natacha de Oliveira’s take on the first green corridor of the world.

  • Pedro Knoll, Felipe Lion
  • Pedro Knoll
  • Insônia Filmes