Make City Festival 2015

The city of Berlin is undergoing a fundamental paradigm shift – becoming both a magnet for investors and a site for large-scale transformations of urban landscapes. Its free spaces – its urban commons – are increasingly precious resources.

MAKE CITY is Berlin’s first festival for architecture and urban alternatives, bringing together architects, planners, civic groups and developers in a citywide conversation on thinking and making city differently. The first MAKE CITY Festival took place in Berlin from 11th to 28th of June 2015.
The Festival is curated and organised by the non-for-profit Make Shift gGmbH chaired by Francesca Ferguson.

  • German, English
  • 06/2015
  • Andrew Bateman, Rian Davidson, Santiego Relanzón Briones
  • Yeyey, Chris Zabriskie, Satellite Ensemble
  • Andrew Bateman
  • Francesca Ferguson, Andrew Bateman, Fiona Shipwright
  • Rosaria Talevi
  • Make_Shift gGmbH