Moritzpool takes a look at Moritzplatz in the heart of Berlin with its turbulent history. The area is home to different urban initiatives but the quality of the public space and pedestrian connections are in desperate need of improvement.

As neighbors and as architects Alarcon Linde Architects (ALAS) propose making a cut-out at the center of the roundabout to reconquer the urban space in the middle of the roundabout and bring it one level below, where the pedestrian crossroads and U-Bahn access would regain the necessary quality and dignity of an adequate urban connector.

The proposal places the debate between historic conservation and urban development dynamics, as well as questions about the plausibility of self-initiated projects and Berlin’s attitude towards its turbulent history.

  • German with English subtitles
  • 06/2015
  • Acero Rojo
  • Hannes König
  • Sèbastien Friess
  • Hoda Hanifzadegan