Park at the Nordbahnhof, Berlin

Sites and open spaces disappear, Berlin becomes denser. Precious and sought after are free plots. The border strip between Wedding and Berlin was once an important freight station, then shut down, was then provided as a park by the Berlin-Mitte “Senate Department for Urban Development”. In the two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall trees, shrubs and grasses conquered the area which measures about 3000m². Fascinated by sprawl and historical relics architect Harald Fugmann and Martin Janotta transferred this site of Berlin in a new city park and closed the gap between design and ecology.

  • German with English subtitles
  • 09/2011
  • Oliver Lechner
  • Henning Gross
  • Petra Pavel
  • CorduaFilm
  • BDLA (Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten)