Project Bauhaus

The year 2019 will mark the centenary of the foundation of the Bauhaus. To celebrate this occasion, a transdisciplinary, international group of experts working to a five-year plan initiated project bauhaus, the aim being to take critical stock of the ideas of the Bauhaus and to render the utopian surplus of the Bauhaus productive for the present. In the five years leading up to the centenary, from 2015 to 2019, “Project Bauhaus” offers a new question to debate every year. The point of departure for the first inquiry in 2015 is the Bauhaus’ utopian aspiration to create a new society through design: “Can design change society?“

  • German, English
  • 09/2015
  • Julia Geiß, Kika Yang, Fred Plassmann
  • Kika Yang, Fred Plassmann
  • OFFscreen MODERNmedia
  • Project Bauhaus