Plattenköpfe – Stefan Forster

Also screened at the Archikon conference: the transformation of the prefab building estate by Stefan Forster.

“Roofgardens, shared gardens for the tenants and 25 layout versions – the architect Stefan Forster has stirred up Leinefelde. He gave the formerly grey prefab buildings in Thuringia more than a colourful coating. Until 2007 he transformed the seven apartment blocks: he kept the shell construction, but changed the whole inside, removed the upper floors and whole segments of the buildings to create new, tense urban spaces. His recipe: to work agains monotony and create individuality.”

  • German
  • 03/2014
  • Anja Thompson
  • Uta Kolano, Wolfgang Gaube
  • Wolfgang Gaube
  • WBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte mbH