Raumflucht in Berlin

Raumflucht (enfilade) in Berlin is a video project by Did Schaffer and her dance group Raumflucht. It is filmed at different places in Berlin such as the New National Gallery, Shoa monument, Bauhausmuseum and others. The choreography accentuates the dimensions of the chosen places and deals with fundamental topics of human life such as fear, desperation, resistance, hope and transcendence. The videos were initially edited to be screened in an installation setup consisting of two projections.

  • 05/2015
  • Etienne Gröpl
  • Did Schaffer
  • Hauschka & Vivaldi
  • Milena Meier, Rudi Natterer, Elena Beroggi, Ladina Ambauen, Verena Steffen, Manuela Risch, Franziska Schaub
  • Did Schaffer