The Castle of Freudenstein, Freiberg/Saxony

For a long time the Castle of Freudenstein in the Saxon silver mining town of Freiberg was vacant, until one of the world’s largest mineral collections moved in. AFFarchitects who renovated the castle succeded to win the landscape architect Birgit Hammer from Berlin to work out the surrounding in an artful encounter of tradition and modernity. Her emblematic space concept, the trenchant dealing with a monument and the adaption to technical requirements of energy were awarded with the German Landscape Architecture Prize in 2011.

  • German with English subtitles
  • 09/2011
  • Oliver Lechner
  • Petra Pavel
  • Henning Gross
  • CorduaFilm
  • BDLA (Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten)