Stadtforum Berlin – Raumstrategie!

Spatial strategy! Shaping change and setting spatial priorities
Raumstrategie! Wandel gestalten und räumliche Schwerpunkte setzen

The future scenarios of a metropolis and its concrete way there was subjekt of the 2nd Stadtforum Berlin  in 2019. With a socially just and climate-friendly city as its overarching vision, Berlin’s spatial strategy focuses on priority areas that are most affected by rapid growth and thus offer concrete opportunities or risks for sustainable development and adaptation. The more decentralized approach offers a benchmark that both simplifies citizen participation and allows site-specific measures to be implemented more quickly.

Berlin is changing dynamically – towards a solidary, sustainable and cosmopolitan city. Managing growth and change is the task of urban development. The Stadtforum, a series of events to promote the formation of public opinion, is the central instrument for debating issues affecting Berlin’s future spatial urban development.