Vinex Looper

‘Vinex Looper’ is a music video by Freddy43 featuring Dutch architecture from so called Vinex-locations in the Netherlands.

Vinex (“Vierde Nota Ruimtelijke Ordening Extra”) refers to the new large suburb areas with their modern architecture. Vinex-locations started to emerge as a result of the Dutch housing programme in the 90s.

The idea for the video was born on a bicycle trip in Leidsche Rijn, a great example of a Vinex-location in Utrecht. While cycling through this neighborhood Freddy43 got inspired by the repetitive patterns and forms. Some streets obviously seemed like endless loops. Because most of Freddy’s music is also loop-based, he found this an interesting starting point. In essence, this project is an ode to the repetitive patterns and constructions of Vinex-neighbourhoods.

  • Freddy43