Bauwelt Kongress 2018

City, Land, Sea: Of Quantitative Scales and qualitative paradigm shifts
Stadt, Land, Meer: Von quantitativen Maßstäben und qualitativen Paradigmenwechseln

“Do we need a smart city at all? […] And put at the centre – first of all what citizens really need. And then, how do we solve the big urban challenges that we face – such as affordable housing, energy transition, sustainable mobility, more participatory democracy.” (Francesca Bria)

The focus of the Bauwelt Kongress 2018 is the Digital City – as a promise of the future or a cheat pack, a challenge or an opportunity for future urban living spaces. Against the backdrop of multiple crises and the resulting ecological, social and technical criteria for sustainable cities, the topic of the digital city will be discussed in a particularly controversial way and will initiate a structural debate on the (urban planning) orientation of society that has been missing until now.