Stadtforum Berlin – Stadt Umland!

City Surroundings!
Stadt Umland!

“Berlin is not an island and Brandenburg has no hole in the middle!” (Katrin Lompscher)

The 3rd Stadtforum in 2018 looks at Berlin and its surroundings. The big challenge here – the steady growth of the city does not care about state borders and requires intensive cross-state cooperation to create livable housing. Building on the development plan for the metropolitan region, the so-called “settlement star” shows how urban development and nature conservation can go hand in hand. The city forum gives actors from politics, associations and civil society a stage and offers a good format for citizens to participate in essential urban development processes.

Berlin is changing dynamically – towards a solidary, sustainable and cosmopolitan city. Managing growth and change is the task of urban development. The Stadtforum, a series of events to promote the formation of public opinion, is the central instrument for debating issues affecting Berlin’s future spatial urban development.