Helga Schmidt-Thomsen

The third BDA portrait BDA asks Helga Schmidt-Thomsen about her career and her experiences with the BDA Berlin.

On the initiative of architect Carola Schäfers, writer Erika Mühlthaler and filmmaker Fred Plassmann interviewed 17 Berlin architects and city planners from March 2011 until Januar 2017 as part of an extensive engagement with the 100 year old history of the BDA (Association of German Architects) Berlin.

Helga Schmidt-Thomsen (1938) is one of the few influential female architects of that time. Being influenced by the architecture of the „New Frankfurt“, she started her practice together with her husband and another couple in an alternative architectural cooperative. In the interview she talks about her experiences as woman in a field dominated by men and about her engagement for female architects.

  • German
  • 06/2015
  • Walter Vielain, Erika Mühlthaler, Carola Schäfers
  • Erika Mühlthaler
  • Nadja Schulz-Berlinghoff
  • OFFscreen
  • BDA Berlin