The Art of Seeing

The Natural History Museum recently opened the exhibition “Precious things” which brings some of the most beautiful, strangest, rarest and scientifically most interesting objects out in the open.

The exhibition involved a collaboration with Danish artist John Olsen, who in dialogue with the museum created a site-specific artwork consisting of items from the museum’s collections and the artist’s own collections and works.

This film is a look into his life and thoughts. His work can be seen at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen.

  • Danish with English subtitles
  • 06/2016
  • Frederik Wolff Teglhus
  • Natalia Szwebs & Theis Clausen
  • Pegasus Production and The Natural History Museum of Denmark
  • Charlotte Esmann
  • Theis Clausen
  • Birgitte Rubæk & Anders Drud Jordan
  • The Natural History Museum of Denmark