La Piel

Sesiones Arquetípicas (archetypical sessions) is a project developed between 2016 and 2017 in Chile by Estudio Invasivo. They are urban fleeting explorations around architectural elements located in the territory, where the interaction between observer and observed object appears as an opportunity to think about the archetype.

The first four archetypes (El Muro, El Vano, El Cielo, El Suelo) were visits to architectural vestiges of the Octava región del Bío-Bío (Chile), concluding with an intervention in the landscape with the fifth session, la piel (the skin).

La Piel was an installation used as an opportunity to understand the multiple possibilities of a continuous body that adapts to the nature conditions of a place, and is created just to be there. La Piel was constructed using only fabric, rope, stones and the force and direction of the wind.