The Mountain Plaza

What would a fired earthen space feel like?

In 2000 Steven Ward and Ximena Elgueda posed themselves this question. Since then The Mountain Plaza Amphitheater Project has evolved from one question to over 16 years of work. From 4 hands to over 4,000. From a sculpture into a community movement. From sixty tons of clay pounded into one form, surrounded by a 200 ton kiln that took 10 years to complete, and finally fired for 40 days to over 1200 C (2200F). Now the acoustic fired earthen wall stands like a living extension of the ground upon which it has grown. The Mountain Plaza Amphitheater is an outdoor space for the consilience of art, science and human expression.

  • English
  • 05/2016
  • Steven Ward & Ximena Elgueda