The New Urbanity

After the decay of the industries in the 1980s, Zurich-West was left with huge empty spaces. The neighbourhood went through a time of creative reuse and free zones. It took a while until the City took the chance to develop new building ground. The City of Zurich developed a cooperative planning concept that also integrated residents.

The film production started in 2010, in the stage of redevelopment and construction, and was finished in 2013. It focuses on the process of reuse und gentrification, but also on the definition of living quality within the scope of the new mantra of large-scale investments and a city planning guided by infrastructure and traffic flows.

  • Swiss-German, German
  • 10/2013
  • Alex Szombath, Michelle Brun, Martin Moll, Simon B├Ąchler
  • Walter Rohrbach
  • Martin Moll
  • City of Zurich