Gutes Klima?! Das neue Weigandufer

The new Weigandufer – more quality of life on the Neuköllner Schifffahrtskanal
Das neue Weigandufer – mehr Lebensqualität am Neuköllner Schifffahrtskanal

Meeting spaces, wildflower strips, bicycle street- the redesigned Weigandufer on the Neuköllner Schifffahrtskanal connects the two green spaces Weichsel- and Wildenbruchpark. Previously overgrown and unpaved, climate adaptation is an important aspect, along with accessibility and greater safety for residents. Legally prescribed “drainage swales,” wildflower strips planted in the course of a public workshop, and support for fuel-free mobility stand in contrast to the clearing of existing trees and bushes that accompanies the measure. As users of newly created lively centers and neighborhoods, comprehensive participation of residents is essential and can prevent protests and lack of understanding.

The short film series Gutes Klima?! commisioned in 2020 by the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen uses three redevelopment projects in the Müllerstraße/Turmstraße, Karl-Marx-Straße/Sonnenallee and Adlershof development areas to show how the promotion of vibrant neighborhoods can go hand in hand with urban climate adaptation.