Social Disorder

As part of the design studio ‘Zone 5’ at Oxford Architecture School, Robyn Thurston has been exploring sub-culture, mass culture, communities, cities made of stone and the issues surrounding building worth in the current climate:

“I have been exploring systems of self-actualisation and cultural objects and researching and collecting information on what individuals and collectives utilise to form community. In my proposition I conclude that communities self-actualize with community buildings. However in the case of my research location Thamesmead, in South East London, England the buildings have been left to ruin. What does this mean for the community? What can the government expect from council owned community building neglect?

We as architects need to understand the effect of ruinization on an inhabiting community. Social Disorder and chaos are the bi-products of the buildings they inhabit and overall a reflection of the mentality absorbed by the collective from the deteriorating buildings themselves.”

  • English
  • 01/2016
  • Robyn Thurston