Stadtforum Berlin – Boden! Wem gehört die Stadt?

Land. Who owns the city?
Boden! Wem gehört die Stadt?

“In Berlin, we have a situation where speculation is putting the brakes on urban development. And for that to stop, we have to turn the tables – we have to put the brakes on speculation.” (Katrin Lompscher)

Looking at the ground of the facts – the dependency of Berlin’s civil society on land is the focus of the 2nd Stadtforum in 2018. Land protection, land tax, more citizen participation – how can Berlin’s urban development be taken out of the grip of speculators and put back more into the hands of its residents. For a lively, colorful and affordable living space instead of a gray concrete desert.

Berlin is changing dynamically – towards a solidary, sustainable and cosmopolitan city. Managing growth and change is the task of urban development. The Stadtforum, a series of events to promote the formation of public opinion, is the central instrument for debating issues affecting Berlin’s future spatial urban development.